Logo Image Printed High Barrier Heat Shrink Bag For Whole Turkey


Logo Image Printed High Barrier Heat Shrink Bag For Whole Turkey Frozen

 High Barrier Heat Shrink Bag​ is a kind of new packing material what produced through

special processing, such as multi-layer co-extrusion, blowing and stretching, etc. and with

special raw materials. 


Product Name Logo Image Printed High Barrier Heat Shrink Bag For WholeTurkey Frozen
Application Turkey,Meat, Cheese, poultry, nuts products
Structure Multi-layers  EVA/PE co-extruded
Size 9“*14”,9"*16",9"*14",10“*16”,etc.
Thickness 50um,55um,customized
Freeze Resistance -40°C
Heat Sealing Temp 80°C-90°C

Mainly used for meat's freezing package for fresh, and it's also usedto pack cheeses,

seafood and cooked foods for fresh.

1) In a large pot, bring water to 190 degrees F = 90 degree ℃

2) After dressing your chicken, make sure you drain it as well as possible. We use a draining

rack made for this purpose.

2) Place chicken, head first into the bag.

3) Push the air out. We do this by giving the chicken a "hug."

4) Twist the open end shut (make a pigtail) and secure with a tie wrap or clamp.

5) THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! In the section of the chicken between the breasts in the middle

of the chest, pierce a small hole.

Doing this will ensure that air can escape - you want the air to escape, otherwise it will look

like a "puff fish."

6) Then, dip the bag into the heated water for 2 to 3 seconds. This will get the perfect result.

Don't dip too long otherwise water

will enter the bag through the small puncture you made for the air to escape.


Q1: Are you a manufactory for High Shrinkage Printed Hot Water Shink Clear Whole Chicken Shrink Bags​?
Yes we are the factory which has experience for 10 years in food packing materials field. If you want professional packing

advise, please feel free to contact with us.


Q2: This is the first time to buy the packaging, what's the information I need to provide ?
1,What thing you want to put
2,How many you want to put
4. Order quantity


Q3: What is the MOQ?
5,000 pieces if have stock


Q4: What is your lead time?
Normally 7 days,if have stock more quickly

Q5: Can I have sample first?
Yes of course, we will send you samples for testing before you make the order


Our six promises
① We can do the designs according to the customers'requirement
② We can open customers'own mould as per their requirement
③ We can offer you the high quality & reasonable price
④ We can offer you a good after-sell service
⑤ Prompt delivery
⑥ Free samples are available

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